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Cosmetic Permanent Makeup in Lake Orion, Michigan

For women with thin, sparse, or non-existent eyebrows, your routine can be dominated with meticulous eyebrow applications. Permanent makeup may be the solution you are looking for. Our permanent eyebrow makeup can be applied to look completely natural, and complement your other facial features. Eyebrows can be applied to simulate fine hair strokes for the most natural and subtle appearance, or can include full-color shading for fuller, filled-in brows.

Lip Liner & Lip Color
Permanent lip liner adds definition to your lips, and gives the appearance of bigger, fuller lips. Both lip liner and lip color are perfect for reshaping uneven lips and avoiding runny, bleeding lipstick. Whether you are looking to achieve a more natural, subtle appearance, or a dramatic statement, we have the skills and versatility to make you look how you want to look.


Define your eyes with permanent eyeliner, applied to appear natural by mimicking eyelashes with pigment implanted into the lash line. Permanent eyeliner makes the eyelashes appear thicker and fuller. Available for males and females, permanent eyeliner is a simple solution to an everyday task. Additional color can also be added for a soft, natural liner look. Bolder, more definitive lines are available as well. Add depth and definition to your eyes today with our permanent makeup services.

Take advantage of real, all-day makeup with cosmetic permanent makeup from Great Lasting Looks, Inc. in Lake Orion, Michigan. At Great Lasting Looks, Inc., we specialize in making you look your best no matter what time of day it is.


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The following pictures show the difference before and after procedure.Some of the after pictures are taken immediately after the procedute to show the condition or amount of swelling or redness that occurs.

As you can see a client can continue with their scheduled day immediately. The shape and depth of color are the choice of the indidual unless the desires or needs a more becoming look. In some situations the requested or color are not appropriate to have done with permanent cosmectics!!

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